Introducing INJOO WiE this month guest mix all the way from Kuala Lumpur, where she currently holds her residency at JIRO.

In 2015, with her determination to seek an adventure as a DJ, she set her foot on a new turf – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, carrying together 10 pieces of CD copies which won her the first place in DJ Mixset Contest in Korea.

Later on, she made her presence known at the finest venues in KL with her charismatic and sometimes funky style, which then truly made her known as one of the talents in KL underground scene.

As how KL underground scene has dramatically developed throughout the years, she began her venture into techno, electronic, and other genre which were only known as sub genre when she first began her adventure here.

As her knowledge in dark music grows deeper, she wants to stand on the deck and reveal the dark aura which is buried deep inside various venues.