Rising Soul Sessions #026 // Man On Wax
Rising Soul goes techno this weekend with our guest Man on Wax (Russ), who started DJ’ing back in the early days of the 1990’s playing on vinyl, he has a wide variety of genres under his belt from hardcore breakbeat, acid and Italian to techno, house and hip hop. This DJ has played across the UK whether it be on radio stations, both pirate and legal or clubs and festivals from Beat Herder (Capacity 8000) or Beach Break Live (Capacity 25000).
The more recent years have brought Man on Wax into the Techno spotlight in North West UK, known for his flare and creativity on Technics turntables, whilst incorporating the maximum use of Serato. His style is known for being very clean and creative in mixing whilst using effects, samples and some very minimal basic cutting and scratching to add to his distinctive style.
He has a very successful brand in the UK, known as Achtung! The Morse Code events, these events have gathered huge amounts of momentum and respect since 2014.