Mick Wilson

Mick Wilson – DJ Mag Part II

Part 2 of Michael Wilson guest mix on Rising Soul / Phoenix Radio
A voyage of a mix that takes the listener through a variety of genres starting deep and moving through, whilst still holding true to the underground nature of electronic house music. Touching on the deep beats of Claude Von Stroke – Here Comes the B Side, exploring the experimental with Seven Davis Jr, and celebrating classic tracks that defined a scene – A four hour “live recorded” mix that replicates the nuances of a night out; beginning, middle, end. Easy listening at home, out and about, on your own or with friends, reminding the listener of the diverse nature of the electronic dance music scene…

“I wanted to do the mix live to capture the art of the mix, working the EQ and the tracks, taking it back to basics, recalling putting together mixtapes in the past just using turntables and a tape player to record it all on. Any mistakes and you’d have to go back to the beginning and start again… Getting into the zone for four hours and really working it, simply having fun with the music” – Mick Wilson DJ Mag